A resident of Zaporozhye region have poisoned with mushrooms

Жительница Запорожской области отравилась грибами

The incident happened the other day in Polohy.

A local resident has eaten canned mushrooms that were gathered in the autumn of last year in the vicinity of the city. After that, the woman felt unwell. She did not self-medicate and immediately called an ambulance. Doctors decided on immediate hospitalization of the woman. Fortunately, it was saved.

It is worth noting that last year in the Zaporozhye region recorded 10 cases of mushroom poisoning. the victims were 8 adults and 2 children, writes Together.

Doctors urged Cossacks to be careful during the use of mushrooms. At the first sign of poisoning, immediately call the “ambulance” and in any case not self-medicate. Before arrival of doctors, it is possible to wash out the stomach with saline to do a cleansing enema and to drink enough fluids.