A resident of Zaporozhye tried to commit suicide on the arched bridge

Жительница Запорожья пыталась покончить с собой на арочном мосту

It was noticed by passers-by who managed to grab the girl.

The incident occurred today, July 3, at approximately 12:00 noon. Passers-by saw the arched bridge of the girl who is with someone emotionally talking on the phone. As he could, she tossed the phone into the water, then quickly climbed over the railing and prepared to jump. Passers-by managed to grab the girl’s hand. Stopped a passing man and helped to pull the girl back to the bridge, writes IPnews.

Acknowledgements the girl did not show, on the contrary shouted at rescuers and demanded to let her go. Fortunately the girl is almost not affected. The reasons for his decision to take her own life to explain did not want.