A riot of anime characters in the latest trailer for action-RPG Indivisible

Буйство аниме-персонажей в свежем трейлере экшен-RPG Indivisible

Indivisible – a mixture of action, RPG and platforming. And in a sense it’s an interactive anime! The game promises a lot of vivid characters and colorful battles, which is devoted to a new trailer.

You have to try on the role of the Ainu – the young rebellious, well-mannered father on the outskirts of a small town. In one unhappy day to the girl’s house and attacked inside her awakens a mysterious power. According to the authors, the game is inspired by a lot of different cultures and myths.

During the adventure you can recruit to your team more than 20 characters, each with unique attacks and abilities.

Introductory splash screen for the game drew two professional anime companies, on account of which works such as Kill la Kill, “Metropolises” and “Avatar: the last airbender”. For details, see here.

Indivisible starts October 8th on PC (via Steam and GOG.com), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Later the game gets up and Nintendo Switch. More information about the creation of Lab Zero Games can learn from this news.