A ruthless career woman, who charmed Prince, journalist, hard put about Meghan Markle

Безжалостная карьеристка, которая очаровала принца, – журналист жестко выразился о Меган Маркл

A close acquaintance of the Duchess of Sussex is trying to prove to her fans that she is not who she claims to be. 53-year-old journalist piers Morgan gave a new scandalous interview in which he told the details of his experience with Meghan Markle and shared his thoughts on the news about her in the press.

In his new interview with The Daily Mail, piers Morgan spoke harshly to the side of the wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle. He said that has long been familiar to her, and she shows not what actually is.

The man said that his acquaintance with Meghan Markle held in 2015. Then the actress, who has been the star of the series “Force majeure”, and could not dream about meeting a Prince, therefore, maintained good relations with specialists from different industries. The journalist admitted that a celebrity had a long chat with him on social networks, and after the first meeting warned in his programme Good Morning Britain. Pierce also added that Megan told him many things about his family and relationship with the father, though he did not intend to publish them.

Безжалостная карьеристка, которая очаровала принца, – журналист жестко выразился о Меган Маркл

Piers Morgan / Getty Images

After Megan sent him many messages of thanks and words of admiration as asked him for advice on their careers. According to the journalist, that same night in London Meghan Markle met with Prince Harry and immediately forgot about him as a friend, not remembering its existence until now. Piers Morgan admitted that he felt the greed and insincerity of intentions of Hollywood Actresses.

Recently I was told a sad story regarding the wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. She told the man, who knows very well this couple, and was one of 250 guests at a private party in Frogmore house. On the wedding party were not invited none of the closest friends Harry. These guys aren’t just friends, they, along with Harry have come a long way. The lack of an invitation they greatly hurt. But their surprise only grew when they saw who had received these invitations. It was a huge amount of celebrities, namely the Beckhams, Elton John, James Corden, Idris Elba, Serena William, Priyanka Chopra, George and Amal Clooney. They were offended that they put aside the more famous people than they
said piers Morgan.

The man suggested that the same feelings overwhelm family Meghan Markle from the father, as no one but mother to the wedding she wasn’t invited.

Guests, Megan was busy with people like Oprah Winfrey, slightly surprised by those who consider the wedding a family event,
– the journalist continued.

53-year-old man added that he is not surprised because the experience with “Mrs. Markle” showed him that she was a ruthless social climber.

Not surprisingly, her family is not delighted with her new role. She threw them all like a sack of rancid potatoes, so they didn’t poison her new perfect Royal life
– loudly said friend Megan Markle.

Безжалостная карьеристка, которая очаровала принца, – журналист жестко выразился о Меган Маркл

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle / Getty Images

He added that comparing Megan with Princess Diana that made George Clooney, he was very touched, in his opinion, they have absolutely nothing in common. He also said that the statement of the actor was a bit strange, because only recently on the protection of the Duchess of Sussex became her unknown friend.

Yes, it reminds me of the behavior of Princess Diana, which condemned the press for prosecution, but at the same time repeatedly entered her in a conspiracy (I know whereof I speak, I am one of those journalists!), to achieve a positive lighting, a private person or to settle scores with people who she didn’t like
confirmed piers Morgan.

Безжалостная карьеристка, которая очаровала принца, – журналист жестко выразился о Меган Маркл

Princess Diana / Getty Images

“When Megan met Harry, Megan was not a naive innocent 19-year-old girl, as Diana. She was a 35-year-old divorced woman with a successful acting career, who knew exactly what was going on. She put a spell on the handsome Prince, who is much younger than her, and is now enjoying a life of luxury in palaces,” continued stringer Duchess.

At the end of the interview, he added that Meghan Markle should not attribute the excess of attention that went through Princess Diana because she was the biggest star on the planet, and Megan is not even in the top three stars that live in Kensington Palace.

The problem is not in the media, and in a toxic relationship, Megan with her family. And good friends would advise her to sit with her husband on a plane to visit my father until it was too late
he finished his monologue with piers Morgan.