A sea cruise or a professional camera: what can you buy instead of the new iPhone 11 Pro Max

Морской круиз или профессиональная камера: что можно купить вместо нового iPhone 11 Pro Max

During the autumn Apple presentation 2019, the company introduced three new iPhone. The cost, as always, can not be considered affordable, because the budget of the novelties of iPhone 11 valued at $ 699.

While the top version iPhone 11 Pro Max in the U.S. market is 1099 dollars. In Ukraine, according to preliminary data, this model will need to pay 45 990 UAH, up to 512 GB of flash memory.

Techno 24 decided to calculate what you can buy instead of a smartphone.

In particular, for this amount you can buy a professional SLR camera Nikon D7500 AF-S DX. It costs 41 600 hryvnias.

Also, instead of a smartphone you can go to a trip to Paris. The cost of flights for two in both directions will cost 25 thousand hryvnia, if you use the services of MAU.

Морской круиз или профессиональная камера: что можно купить вместо нового iPhone 11 Pro Max

Original varianty is iPhone 11 Pro Max

Another option as possible to the original to spend money on a new iPhone – sea cruise United States – Western and Eastern Caribbean and the Bahamas. It will cost 1009 27 euros or 700 USD.

Another original option is to buy two cows. One in Ukraine it is necessary to pay 25 thousand hryvnia. So why not.

By the way, if you’ve been wanting to learn English, please note that for this value it is possible to learn English from scratch to Advanced level (if you choose a school “Green Forest”, where one level is necessary to lay out 5500 hryvnia).

Also for the price iPhone 11 Pro Max, which next year will become obsolete, you can as much as 9 years to watch TV shows Netflix ($7.99 per month or 200 USD).

Instead of a smartphone you can do a good deed for some clinics to purchase ultrasound General Electric RT-2800. Its cost is estimated at 25 thousand hryvnia.

And finally, note that if you receive minimum wage, you will need to be postponed for almost a year – 11 months 4 173 hryvnias, that is the entire salary.

This should add the price of the new iPhone is not so shocking. The same cost today’s flagship smartphones are popular brands. In this case, for smartphones with a flexible display, which was developed by Huawei and Samsung, have to pay twice as much.

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