A selection of 90 amazing facts about the human body

Подборка из 90 поразительных фактов об организме человека

The human body are still not studied, but even what is already known, is simply amazing. And we are not talking about some supernatural abilities and of the very ordinary facts and figures. So, we all know that the human body mostly consists of water. More precisely, 60%. Yes, more than half of the us is water – blood, lymph, intercellular fluid. With age the percentage of water in the body decreases by 15-20% – this is one of the causes of aging.

1. The feeling of fatigue appears with loads of 35-65% of the absolute possibilities.

2. The activity of the cardiovascular system maximum to 18 hours, a minimum of 3-4 hours.

3. The biological quality of offspring increases from 1-St to 4-th child, then falls.

4. In normal breathing person inhales 500 cubic centimeters of air when playing a wind instrument – 3500 CC.

5. The surface of the lungs is about 100 square meters.

6. The right lung of a human accommodates more air than the left.

7. An adult makes about 23,000 breaths (and exhalations) per day.

8. The composition of the blood plasma in the human body resembles the composition of the water of the prehistoric seas in which life began.

9. For one reduction the heart-pumping 200 ml of blood.

10. Complete handling of blood of an adult human is made for 20-28 seconds for a child for 15 seconds, a teenager – just 18 seconds. During the day, the blood through the body rotates 1,5-2 thousand times.

11. 1 cubic millimeter of the skin 40 of capillaries in the muscles – 2500 capillaries in heart muscle – 4000 capillary.

12. Three power classes per week have a greater effect.

13. The norm physical activity – 7-10 km (10000-14000 steps).

14. The strongest muscle in the human body – tongue, not heart. The heart is the most resilient muscle.

15. For a young person the rate of energy consumption of 3000 kcal. Of them 1700 – basic metabolism,170 – digestion, and 130 on the muscular work.

16. The total length of hair on the head in the average person in their lifetime – 725 kilometers.

17. Fingernails hands grow about 4 times faster than on foot.

18. During the day, the man produces so much heat that it will be enough to bring to boil 33 liters of ice water.

19. It is estimated that man for all his life consumes 2.5 tons of protein, 1.3 tons of fat, 17.5 tons of carbohydrates and 75 t of water.

20. To sneeze with your eyes open is impossible.

21. The person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, drink half a Cup of tar per year.

22. Each finger of a person for a life time bend about 25 million times.

23. Women blink approximately 2 times more often than men.

24. The hardness of tooth enamel can be compared with quartz. It is known that even the point of the sword upon impact of enamel blunts.

25. At 1 square centimeter of skin contains 100 pain points, and their entire surface about a million.

26. On scientific the navel is called “umbilicus”.

27. Man is the only representative of the animal world, which is able to draw straight lines.

28. Men with blond hair grows faster than brown hair.

29. When people smile uses 17 muscles.

30. Human DNA contains about 80 000 genes.

31. Men belong to the dwarfs with growth of less than 130 cm, and women see -120

32. The lifespan of white blood cells in the human body is 2-4 days, and red blood cells – 3 to 4 months.

33. Name of the fingers is from the French: pouce, index, majeur, annular, auricular.

34. The size of a man’s heart equals the size of his fist, and its weight in the adult will be 220-260 grams.

35. In the human body there are only 4 minerals: Apatite, aragonite, calcite, and cristobalite.

36. One day the human brain generates more electrical impulses than all the telephones of the world combined.

37. “Snow-blindness” effect of blinding man from the strong direct beam.

38. Bacteria living in the human body, in General is 2 pounds.

39. 100 000 chemical reactions per second occur in the human brain.

40. Babies are born without kneecaps. They are formed only in the age of 2-6 years.

41. The surface area of human lungs is approximately equal to the area of a tennis court.

42. At the time of birth, baby’s brain is already there are 14 billion cells, and this number has not increased, and even Vice versa. After reaching the age of 25, this number is reduced by 100 thousand a day. For example, a minute spent on reading the text, dies about 70 cells. In 40 years, the degradation of the brain is sharply accelerated, and after 50 year milestone in neurons (nerve cells) dry out, reducing the volume of the brain.

43. In psychiatry, a syndrome accompanied by depersonalization, impaired perception of time and space, the body and the environment, officially called the “Alice in Wonderland”.

44. Length of the small intestine during life is 2.5 meters. After death the muscles of the bowel wall relaxes, its length reaches 6 meters.

45. The human body has about 2 million sweat glands. The average adult with every liter of sweat, it loses 540 calories. Men allocate 40% of sweat more than women.

46. During the entire life cycle of the female body reproduces 7 million eggs.

47. The human eye can distinguish between 10 million different colors.

48. In a person’s mouth is “live” up to 40 000 bacteria.

49. Papaphobia is the fear of the Pope (Roman). This is not a joke.

50. The human spine consists of 33 or 34 vertebrae.

51. Sperm cells are the smallest in the male body.

52. In the language of man is about 2000 taste buds.

53. In Mesopotamia for doctors there was a strict law. If the patient died, the doctor was executed. If the patient is blind – blinded and the doctor.

54. In the body of a newborn about 300 bones, as an adult they have only 206.

55. In one year the human heart beats 36 800 000 times.

56. Among men in 10 times more often colorblind than women.

57. About half of the human bones are in the feet and wrists.

58. In the middle ages doctors in case of doubts in diagnosis, were diagnosed with syphilis.

59. The total length of blood vessels in the human body, about 100.000 km.

60. The bone marrow of an adult, friable mass filling the inner cavity of certain bones, weigh an average of 2600 grams.

In 70 years of life it gives 650 lbs. of red blood cells and a ton of white blood cells.

61. In a quiet state, lying down, people consume per day 400 – 500 liters of oxygen, making 12-20 breaths per minute.

For comparison, the respiration rate of the horse-12 breaths per minute, rat-60, Canaries – 108. In the spring of respiratory rate on average one-third higher than in autumn

62. Normal resting pulse is 60-80 beats per min., and the women heart beats at 6-8 beats per min more than men. In severe physical exercise, the heart rate may accelerate to more than 200 beats per minute.

63. The total area of the cerebral cortex varies from 1468 until 1670 square inches.

64. Beginning in the thirtieth year of life in humans dying every day 30-50 thousand nerve cells. Reduced principal dimensions of the brain. With age, the brain not only lose weight, but also changes the shape – flattened. In men, the maximum weight of the brain in 20 to 29 years, women in the 15-19.

65. The mass of the human brain is 1/46 of the total body mass, brain mass of an elephant – just 1/560 of body weight.

66. Even the stern men daily to shed 1-3 milliliters of tears. Tears are constantly produced by the lacrimal glands and moisturize the cornea of the eye, protecting it from exposure to air and dust.

67. The total weight of muscles in men is about 40% of body weight, and women is about 30%.

68. The hole diameter in the 3-4 thousandths of a millimeter, pierced in the sheet of tin, which lit the light bulb, well different normal eye.

69. Eyes capable of distinguishing 130-250 pure color tones and 5-10 million mixed shades.

70. Full adaptation of the eye to darkness takes 60-80 minutes.

71. Finger is able to feel the vibrations amplitude in two ten-thousandths of a millimeter.

72. The surface of human skin on average is about 2 square meters.

73. In the skin scattered 250 thousand receptors of cold, 30 thousand receptors heat million pain endings, half of the receptors of touch and three million sweat glands.

74. The average number of hair on the head:

the blond 140000, the brunettes – 102000

the brown – haired- 109000, at red – 88000.

The total number of body hair, excluding head, about 20 thousand.

75. Hair grows at a rate of 0.35-0.40 mm per day.

76. Fingernails grow at a rate of 0.086 mm per day, legs-0.05 mm. For the year on the fingers grows about two grams of nails.

77. In the inner ear about 25,000 cells respond to sound. The range of frequencies that can be heard is between 16 and 20000 Hertz. For 35 years the upper limit of hearing drops to 15000 Hz.

78. The ear is most sensitive to the range 2000-2300 Hz. The best musical ear (the ability to distinguish the height) is in the region of 80 – 600 Hz. Here our ear is able to distinguish, for example, two sounds with a frequency of 100 Hertz and Hertz of 100.1. Only 3-4 people can distinguish thousands of sounds of different heights.

79. We are aware of the sound through 35-175 milliseconds after it reached our ear. 180 – 500 milliseconds you want the ear to achieve the best sensitivity – “tune”.

80. The olfactory area of the nose area – 5 sq. cm there are about a million olfactory nerve endings.

81. When chewing of food the jaw muscles develop on the molars the force up to 72 kg, and on cutters up to 20 pounds. For chewing the bread requires a force of 25 kg. for roasted beef – 15 pounds.

82. The feeling of thirst occurs when water loss, equal to one percent of body weight. The loss of more than 5% may lead to fainting, and more than 10% – to death.

83. A SIP of water-a lot or a little? Numerous measurements showed that male swallows in one gulp an average of 21 milliliter of fluid, and the woman-14 milliliters.

84. The smallest woman in the world is Lucia Zarate (1864 – 1890). At birth the child’s growth amounted to 17 centimeters Lucia rose to 43 inches and weighs 2.2 kg.

85. Ventilation (number of breaths multiplied by the volume of air inhaled) of a healthy person reaches 5-9 liters per minute.

86. Without food a person can live a week, but without water – only three days (at this time a person loses 10% of water that leads to death

87. On the toe nails grow slower than hand – because of the less intense circulation, shoes, daily micro-traumas

88. Different people have different sensitivity to the tastes of someone does not feel sour, someone is salty. The less “work” receptors, the worse the sensitivity

89. Many women struggle hard with excessive body hair (hirsutism), but not everyone knows that this phenomenon is the cause: elevated levels of male sex hormones.

90. The most subtle but also the most thick hair – blonde. And the thick, rare – in red. Brown-haired and brunettes – the “Golden mean”.

Here are the facts about the human body. Indeed, man is a unique creation.