“A short time before admission”: Svetlana Loboda turns into a living skeleton

«Недолго до госпитализации»: Светлана Лобода превращается в живой скелет

Fans require rest for the exhausted star.

Svetlana Loboda now enjoys a wonderful holiday with her daughter in the UAE. Judging by the Instagram page, the singer of the hit “Superstar” has no reason to complain about life. The singer even became more likely to appear on camera without makeup and post pictures, which later fans called “bad”. However, the reason for this indifference to his own external appearance may lie not in the ostentatious relaxation stars, and Vice versa – in its work without graphics.

Loyal fans of the Ukrainian estradniy know that if Svetlana does not want to spend time online and you regularly post pictures, it will not do. The only person who can bring the patient to the star by the hand on stage, is her longtime producer-workaholic Natella Krapivina. Under her leadership, Loboda toured until, until it fell unconscious at the rehearsal. Under her leadership Svetlana shortly after discharge from hospital returned to the stage.

Therefore, the behavior is sometimes greedy for a photo of the singer seems fans suspicious. But recently she has released the song “Instadry”, so it is communicating with fans through publications can be a direct condition of the producer. Haggard look turns into a “living skeleton” of the artist, it seems, means that she very long until the next hospitalization, according to the fans. They need to draw twice the mother and popular actress a month of silence for which she would fully recover with new strength, no depressions on the face, to get back to work.