A simple test to know you have a healthy heart or not

Простой тест, чтобы узнать, здоровое у вас сердце или не очень

Doctor Andrei Laslau talks about a few simple ways to check the status of your health without leaving home, says lifter.

Though to carry out these “tests” can be anyone, they are quite trustworthy as a General indicator of health. Of course, they will not replace medical examination, but will show you what should be given special attention.

So, check yourself:

1. Touch socks.

This exercise will allow you to check the health of the spine and heart.

Sit on a flat hard surface. Extend your legs in front of him and try to touch the hands of socks, without bending the knees.

If not, this lack of flexibility of the back. You should take care of the heart, because it is a risk factor for heart attack.

Complete daily exercises to develop the back. The best options of Pilates and yoga.

2. Analysis palm.

This test will help you identify anemia.

Look closely at his hand and notice the color of the lines.

If they are darker than the rest of the skin, then you have no anemia. But if they are the same color, you may have a severe form of anemia. Immediately consult a doctor.

3. Inspection of the sinuses.

If you have a clogged nose, you can determine what the cause of this illness.

Push down with your fingers on the nose. If severe pain, then there is a common cold or allergies. If the pain is severe, it may be an infectious disease.

A runny nose can be treated with warm compresses and nasal irrigation with salt solution.

4. Verification of leg oedema.

If you have swollen feet, pressure in your ankle with your finger and hold for a few seconds.

If there is a dent, it can be a symptom of disease of the kidneys, liver or blood vessels.

Contact your doctor to do tests and to choose a course of treatment.