A sinister trail of Nibiru appeared over the morning Moscow

Experts believe that the planet can manage liquids on Earth, what humanity is waiting for the flood.

Зловещий след Нибиру появился над утренней Москвой

One of the users of social network Instagram in the morning sky over Moscow seemed ominous. He published the dawn in your account, and fans of the paranormal will immediately understand that watching nothing like the trail of Nibiru. This is the conclusion users came from a strange red stripes in the sky. The clouds inexplicably took an unusual form for them, which is very scary reflected sunlight. To some commentators these grooves reminded the grill, and the question about the true cause of the strange cloud-forms were able to answer only ufologists.

Зловещий след Нибиру появился над утренней Москвой

They believe that to adopt a form of the shallow water drops and ice crystals made the pulses from Nibiru. According to experts on the paranormal, sinister planet has many qualities unknown to mankind such as controlling water in the distance. Commentators have suggested that the imminent approach of Nibiru will cause a strong storm or even tsunami, and the gusts of wind will demolish everything in its path.

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