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Сонячне затемнення у серпні: як воно вплине на здоров'я - 24 Канал

The solar Eclipse on 11 August will be partial, and such minor changes in the sky can seriously affect the health of certain segments of the population.

This solar Eclipse will be the last in the hallway of eclipses – the period between eclipses, the dates of which are located close to each other. Started this period on July 13. It is an ordinary phenomenon has a considerable impact on the human body.

Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 to cause substantial harm to the physical health of the person can not, but maybe there is some discomfort.

Doctors warn of a solar Eclipse might have a negative impact on health of even healthy people. The impact of this phenomenon on the behavior and health of the person can be tested two weeks before its occurrence.

What is the impact on people’s solar Eclipse

Most of all, the influence of the Eclipse will feel the people with endocrine and cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and sensitive to the weather.

In particular, as confirmed by studies, one hour after the beginning of the Eclipse in 70% of hypertensive patients blood pressure rises, blood vessels constrict, and the heart increases the power of emission of blood, so that blood flows unevenly to the hemispheres of the brain.


Feel the impact and the nervous system in the body is a very powerful strain on the system of regulation, it is actually tested for safety.

Also, the negative impact of an Eclipse can feel people who undergo the treatment from any disease.

Physicians added to the core to ease the impact of the Eclipse on the body, you can drink a few drops of “medical brandy” tincture of hawthorn. It has a tonic effect, normalizes the work of vessels, in particular, to restore blood flow.

In addition, the solar Eclipse causes the people and animals anxiety, can develop a state of inner dissonance.


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