A solar Eclipse on 2 July: where to see the Ukrainians

Солнечное затмение 2 июля: где посмотреть украинцам

In July you will see two unique phenomenon – a total solar Eclipse and a partial lunar Eclipse. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians will not be able to observe a solar Eclipse, but it is good to see you in South America, Chile and Argentina.

Solar Eclipse July 2 – where you can see

On Tuesday, July 2, the people of South America will see the first of two total eclipses. It will start at 12:23 Pacific time (22:22 Kyiv time).

Therefore, the Ukrainians will not be able to observe this phenomenon, however, will be available online broadcast.

For example, the Chilean Cerro Tololo Observatory national science Foundation will show this solar Eclipse live on the web site of the Museum of the San Francisco Exploratorium.


For the convenience of users of smartphones has released a standalone app for iOS and Android to monitor the solar Eclipse online.

The lunar Eclipse of July 16-17 – where and when to watch the Ukrainians

In addition, on July 16-17, will be another unique phenomenon – a partial lunar Eclipse. It will be held July 17 at 00:31. A partial lunar Eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia (except the North-Eastern part of Russia), South America, Africa, Antarctica and Australia.

In Ukraine one can observe the beginning and the end of the lunar Eclipse.

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