A spacious 14-year-old teenager robbed a local pensioner

В Раздольном 14-летний тинейджер обворовал местную пенсионерку

A visit to the teenager from Sochi arrived at his 14-year-old man from Kakhovka. Friend told khouchane that about him lives a wealthy pensioner.

The teenager decided to check this information, and in the evening went to reconnoiter the situation. He entered the house, while the mistress was in the garden, and stole money:200 EUR and 900 hryvnia, and watches of gold. The victim only in the evening I discovered that was the victim of a thief and in the morning reported the incident to the police.

It is worth noting that the teenager was not lucky at the house of the 66-year-old woman was standing surveillance camera. And the guards should not have much difficulty uznati and find the culprit.

However, by the arrival of the officers, a young thief managed to spend the stolen money.

Besides, the teenager already knows that due to the fact that he relatively young age of criminal responsibility does not attract.