A sport or diet – how to not gain extra pounds after weight loss

Спорт или диета - как не набрать лишние килограммы после похудения

To get rid of extra pounds is only half the story. It is important that some time later the arrow on the scale is not returned to previous values, according to Newsmir.info. The specialists say that preventing weight gain will help physical exertion – they are more effective tool than diet.

Specialists American health Center University Instute conducted a study, which attracted volunteers, recently got rid of the extra weight. The main task for them is to support the shape. After all, it often happens that after some time, dropped so hard, the pounds come back. To avoid this, as a rule, recommend two basic tools – physical activity and diet.

Researchers, in turn, tried to understand which of these tools are more effective in combating weight gain after weight loss. Of course, the ideal is to exercise and control your diet. But sometimes people have to make a choice in favor of something one, due to various reasons. A study conducted by American specialists have shown that physical exercise is a more effective tool. Regular exercise helps to keep weight at the desired level throughout the year even without the serious limitations of their own diet and cutting back on the norms of daily calories. Earlier, the nutritionists said, from any “bad” foods you can not refuse people seeking to lose weight.