A standoff between police and defenders of the forest

Противостояние полиции и защитников леса

In the forest of Hambach, located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the confrontation between opponents of coal use and the police. Activists trying to save from cutting down an ancient forest, whose age is estimated at 12 thousand years. The forest is a Deposit of brown coal.

The guards began to evacuate the camp, built in the trees. Supporters of the movement “occupy Hambach forest!”

“The forest has become a symbol. We are holding our share in the past six years, the forest has become a symbol of resistance. We oppose the use of brown coal and fighting for better climate on the planet.”

“Sometimes you have to take the risk, come to the forest and to take a seat to save him and the planet from destruction. In this case we are talking about coal mine, coal is destroying our planet due to emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere”.

No major clashes occurred, but the police were flying bottles zazhigatelnoe mixture. The official representative of the nearby town of Kerpen Erhard, Nimtz says: “We went from the forest to the police car, suddenly two men in masks attacked us with cocktails. It was really scary.”

In operation involved about four thousand police officers. Permission for the extraction of brown coal issued by energy company RWE, which holds the felling of trees since 1978, resulting in the territory of the Hambach forest has been reduced by 90%.

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