A statement by the group 1+1 media on the support of the Verkhovna Rada of the moratorium on the coding of the channels on the satellite

Заявление группы 1+1 media о поддержке Верховной Радой моратория на кодирование телеканалов на спутнике

Today, 21 February 2020, with a majority of votes of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a decision to support the Council’s inquiry of the Deputy from the party “servant of the people” of Nicholas zadorozhnyi to President Vladimir Zelensky on the moratorium on the coding of satellite signals of Ukrainian TV channels, which took place on January 28, 2020, as specified in the document.

Group 1+1 media is surprised by this decision, it is now specified in the address arguments. Starting in 2017, news groups regularly informed about the plans regarding the coding of channels and has repeatedly drawn the attention of the responsible state agencies in September 2019 was launched large-scale information campaign among the population, and satellite platforms have taken care of the delivery of tuners as necessary.

For over 25 years group 1+1 media makes efforts for the Ukrainian audience had the opportunity to view high-quality content, both domestic and foreign production and to enjoy all the benefits of quality television. Long years of quality television content was available for viewing through a satellite signal for free from the misconduct of the pirate services and individuals who illegally got access to the channels that are encoded with legacy coding system. However, such actions not only violated the rights of copyright holders, to whom there are obligations concerning the territorial restrictions on the dissemination of their content, but also led to short-reception by the media groups of funds from subscribers who consume it illegally, depriving the channels of the opportunity to direct them to the development of Ukrainian television.

In situation, it is necessary:

1. To appeal to the President of Ukraine with a request to hear arguments from media groups, owners, satellite platforms and all stakeholders through open discussion.

2. To provide comments on the merits of the appeal:

– a moratorium cannot be imposed on the encoding of channels given that the presence of encryption prescribed as a mandatory condition in licences issued by the government regulator

– January 28, 2020, the channels have changed the encoding type to one that eliminates unauthorized access to encrypted channels and meets the requirements of the copyright owners

the moratorium cannot be extended to an action that has already happened

coding does not provide for reverse technical ability – most of the channels have changed the signal modulation to DVBS2, then 50-70% of the satellite subscribers even after decoding the signal will not have the technical capabilities to receive it.

3. Please do not manipulate politicians and public figures a matter of national information security, because it is open satellite is in an uncontrolled way broadcast channels and access of citizens to information of Russian TV channels. Coding helps to move the audience in the television field safe space where they won’t bump into advocacy messages. Also once again stress that in order to meet the needs of the audience access to valid and truthful information have been and remain open not only the public channels, free broadcasting which is obligation of the state, but other news channels. With the same purpose, the Ministry of culture, youth and sports of Ukraine launches a separate channel, which will be broadcast throughout the border areas and to fill with content from media groups.

Also recall that similar problems were and with the shutdown of analog broadcast, as repeatedly noted by the group 1+1 media, and during this time the government should address the issue of adequate coverage of free digital terrestrial in some areas. However, focusing on text handling, it becomes apparent that the establishment of the required number of transmitters to resolve the problem of providing signal coverage T2 was not a priority.