A step closer to manned flight: SpaceX conducted a successful test of the spacecraft Crew Dragon

На шаг ближе к пилотируемым полетам: SpaceX провела успешные испытания корабля Crew Dragon

На шаг ближе к пилотируемым полетам: SpaceX провела успешные испытания корабля Crew Dragon

The company SpaceX successfully conducted ground tests of the engines of its first passenger spacecraft Crew Dragon. This stage allows the company to go for trial runs in the coming months. In case of successful future trials – SpaceX will be ready to launch people into space on a Crew Dragon next year.

Engine testing took place on 14 November. On successful completion it became known from Twitter, the company Ilona Mask.

Proven engines are part of emergency rescue system (SAS) Crew Dragon. This is an important part of the spacecraft, which is activated if, at the time the accident happens.

Crew Dragon is designed to fly into space on a Falcon 9 rocket, but if for some reason the missile fails in the air, emergency engines of the ship will take him to a safe distance from the rocket, after which he will land using parachutes.

Preliminary tests of the engines, held in April 2019 failed. During the test, the capsule Crew Dragon exploded. SpaceX immediately began to find out the cause of the accident and a few months later announced that due to leakage of a valve portion of the oxidizer from the tanks flowed into another system and the resulting chain reaction explosion.

SpaceX has already tested the Crew Dragon docks with the ISS, and its parachutes. The last test will be sending two NASA astronauts (Bob Benji and Doug Hurley) to the ISS, then SpaceX will be able to deliver crews to the station on a regular basis.

The first flight of the capsule with the astronauts and mission. Head Of SpaceX Elon Musk
and NASA administrator Jim Breidenstein expect that the flight Crew Dragon astronauts can happen in the first half of 2020. Shipping people to the ISS will be the main achievement of commercial project Commercial Crew Program, in which, besides SpaceX, Boeing is involved with your space ship Cockpit.

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