“A stupid murderer and a liar”: presenter rigidly zatrollit scandalous priest MP

''Тупой убийца и лжец'': украинский ведущий жестко затроллил скандального священника МП

Comedy presenter, Michael Schur (real name – Roman Vintoniv) severely ridiculed the Abbot of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the controversial Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine Paul.

In the program “@)??$0 s Michael Schur” the journalist recalled the statements of the cleric of the death of four people allegedly on his curses. So, earlier Paul said that he cursed the Museum staff-restorers, who worked in the Church and with whom he had a conflict.

“Because Paul himself does not conceal that, then I think he will not mind if I call him killer Paul”, – said the presenter.

“Bishop Paul – a man who at tea the waiter leaves the life… However, we are educated and aware that it is unlikely that he could kill people with curses. More likely, they killed the infected American insects!” – continued the Michael Schur.

So he remembered the statement of the cleric that the former territory of the USSR, supposedly there are several laboratories in the US, which infect mosquitoes and released them, “to threaten the population.”

The journalist jokingly suggested that under the cassock of Metropolitan apparently hiding 12-year-old child, which it advises.

“So what we have: the Abbot of the monastery Paul is extremely stupid murderer, well, because he confessed to the murder. And a liar, because he actually didn’t kill anyone. The best advertising for the release of the Moscow Patriarchate and did not come up. Thank you, Lord Paul,” concluded Vitoliv.