A supporter of the “Russian world” from Russia “lit up” in the Donbass

Russian public figure, one of the leaders of the movement “Antimaydan” Nikolai Starikov visited non-government-controlled Donetsk and showed the range and prices of a supermarket.

The corresponding video was published on his YouTube channel, writes Depress

The elderly, accompanied by the operator visited the former supermarket “ATB” (now the “First Republic”). He told the audience that he decided to dispel the myth that the residents of Donbas are starving. The argument “against”, he pointed out a large number of products on store shelves. Price the author has compared with the Russian. However, in the comments people focus on the meager salaries and pensions in ORDO.

“About the salary in the NPT, make a review. To the picture became complete. The average salary DND 5?8 thousand rubles, chicken fillet 200 R – luxury. Even for a child”,

“A lot of production, and buyers where?! I butter, cheese 13-year did not buy never!!! You can buy 3 Tr!? It who work there…”,

“I’m from Kazan. In Donetsk, the prices in Kazan. PPC is EXPENSIVE to Donetsk!”,

“Prices are about as in the Rostov region – for LDNR expensive – for such price you need a pension of between 9000 and 3000 and s. p. 15?000 at least…”

“I, as a person working in the Hyper, I can say that prices are about as in Krasnodar, depends on the network. Fruit, of course, more expensive because of the logistics I guess.”

Later Old travelled on the local tram. According to him, the city looks peaceful, armed people were noticed. But local residents suggested to the visitor from Russian to drive a little farther from center in order to show the real picture:

“Certainly, at our center today, quiet and the war is almost inaudible. And a little farther to ride on the same tram, not transplanting? Show broken homes, and in the evening to listen to the gunfire? And then this picture is perfect: sausage, tram, penny, live and be happy”,

“Would’ve went one stop further and would remove the final video in the background of the Donbass Arena. Too bad no one told”.

It is noteworthy that the girl slipped out of the tram, offered his ticket to one of the women.