A suspect in the case about the explosion in Lyon declared that they acted on behalf of the IG

Подозреваемый по делу о взрыве в Лионе заявил, что действовал от имени ИГ

The alleged organizer of the explosion in Lyon 24-year-old Mohammed Hisham said that he acted on behalf of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

Initially, the detainee refused to talk about it with the investigation, but on Wednesday evening, may 29, said that he designed the bomb, the explosion of which on Friday, may 24th, in Lyon injured 13 people.

According to journalists, the man admitted that he committed the assault on behalf of the “Islamic state”, quoting the words of the leader of terrorists of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Investigators also found the computer detainee search queries for Jihad and the manufacture of improvised explosive devices.