A suspect in the murder Oleshko “Sarmatian” was taken into custody

Подозреваемого в убийстве Олешко "Сармата" взяли под стражу

Pechersky district court of Kiev took into custody until July 12 Michael Sigida a suspect in the murder of the participant of military operations on Donbass Vitaly Oleshko “sarmata”.

The prosecution said that Sigida could escape, put pressure on the court, or destroy evidence. And yet the prosecutors said that the suspect has no fixed place of residence, reports “Radio Freedom”.

In turn, sigidi’s lawyer announced that his client was not feeling well, and the risks were groundless. However, the court still took Shido into custody.

On 6 June, the court released Shidu under house arrest. At the same time, the suspected organizer of the murder of Eugene Brodsky is now under nocturnal house arrest.

What is known about the Michael Sigida?

He was detained in early September 2018. According to the investigation, it Sigida was organized and coordinated the actions of probable perpetrators of the crime, provided them with weapons, money and car, which suspects came to kill Oleshko.

Who else is suspected in the murder Oleshko?

Former members of the battalion “Tornado”, who are residents of the Dnieper and former members of ATO in the Donbas. Is – Artem Matyushin, Nikolai Phony, Alexander Obukhov Maxim Vladimirescu. They were part of a criminal gang of the Dnieper, which was led by Viktor Vlasyuk. The last was detained in Lviv on suspicion of murder.

What is known about the murder of Vitaly Oleshko?

Oleshko with the Callsign “nomad” was an activist from Berdyansk, and a veteran of the fighting in the Donbass. In Berdyansk were to work as a distributor of the brand “Sarmat” was engaged in business. Was a member of “the Berdyansk self-Defense” during the revolution of dignity. In may 2014, Oleshko enrolled in the unit “Storm” of the battalion “Donbass” and went to fight in the occupied territories.

Oleshko killed 31 July 2018 in Berdyansk on the front of his wife and friends. The assailant shot and killed a “Sarmatian” from a hunting rifle in the courtyard “Atmosphere” that the activist had built himself, and where he lived.