A talented footballer, which went on view in “Manchester United” committed suicide

Талантливый футболист, который ездил на просмотр в "Манчестер Юнайтед", покончил с собой

Welsh footballer Joel Darlington had committed suicide. Football player killed himself because of injuries which prevented him to reach a high level. Mother and brother found the body of the guy in the garage March 18.

Football club Premier League Wales “Bala town” was considered an exceptional talent and he was summoned to the youth national teams of different countries, reports the Daily Post.

After the footballer joined the club’s Academy “Bala town”, he managed to become the top scorer in the 2016/2017 years.

The last two years he suffered from back pain due to damage to vertebral disc. With any procedure the player did not help, then Joel fell into a depression.

Darlington even left College, which he hoped would enable him to become a fitness instructor.

The day before the death of the footballer shared his plans with his father. And the next day the kid’s mother and brother Kieren returned home to find a locked garage door. Kieran barged in and found Joel hanging on the beam.

At the time, the player tried his hand at the viewing to English club “Manchester United”, but left the camp of the “red devils” because of the broken arm.