A teenager led to dance pole

The Ayer’s Cliff rode drew attention for the wrong reasons late last week. In a contest to win two makeup kits, the host of the day decided to determine the winner … by a pole dance. A 14-year-old girl participated in this contest despite her discomfort.
U will witness recounted what she saw in the Facebook community it has not said so, denouncing situations of non-consent.

“Two women came on stage to participate, as well as at the last minute, a girl of about 10 years [she was 14]. Since there were three participants, the facilitator asked what he could do to determine who will be the winner. He had the idea to get a pole out and have the participants dance around. The girl was about to leave because she obviously did not want to. It was then that he named him by his first name and said: Audrey (fictitious name), you will not lose face in front of all the spectators? It’s just dancing around a pole. There were thousands of spectators. She took the post and turned around like the child she is. It was then that he showed her how to do so in a sexy way. The girl was visibly very uncomfortable, ”

The organization did not approve

Joined by phone, the rodeo organizer, Katrine Lafaille, did not approve this contest. “The facilitator is contracted. It’s not my employee. He had been asked to play a game in intermission. It was supposed to be a game with hoops and it ended in pole dance. I would never have allowed that. He decided he wanted to play that game. I do not agree, to have known it, one would have said no. I do not know why it turned out like that, “she says, adding that this” rodeo clown “has participated in the festival for five years.

For now, the organization does not know if the host will be rehired next year. “It was discussed with him. The animation will be even more controlled, that’s for sure. For now, we see if we are obliged to have a facilitator. We evaluate the situation, “comments Ms. Lafaille.

In commentary to the publication of She did not say yes, the organization apologized. “It’s not something we approve. Our committee is made up of many women, “says the lady.

Ms. Lefaille contacted La Tribune at the end of the day to add that the facilitator met the teenager’s parents after the event and that “everything was OK with them” and that the parents knew the facilitator. “If other people were offended by the situation, well, he really apologizes, it was not his intention. ”


At the dawn of the festival season, what the girl has experienced does not happen often, according to Malilyn Ouellet of She did not say yes. Women are more often victims of individual harassment. “What we see most often is harassment in the crowd. For example, someone can take a woman’s buttocks or say things that are out of place about her clothes, “she says.

“In the big festivals in Montreal, they made safe spaces. It’s a safe place. When a person experiences a situation of harassment, they can present themselves there, report and be safe with stakeholders who can listen to them. That’s the thing that can be put in place, “she advises.

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