A terrible accident on the “cursed” route: first details and photos

Страшная авария на "проклятой" трассе: первые подробности и фото

On the highway Kyiv – Chop another traffic incident

Zniats’ovo, the village of the Transcarpathian region in the accident hit two cars – Toyota and Volkswagen. The collision last flew in a roadside cafe. This was announced on the group page “Uzhgorod” in Facebook the journalist Vitaly Verb.

The journalist said that the accident provoked the driver of the Toyota, a resident of rahulsoni, which was drunk driving. From passing the examination for alcohol, the man refused. Note that the car had a rather complicated license plate – “7777”.

On the status of people who were in the car, no information.

It should be noted that most of the people died in a traffic accident on the highway M-06 “Kyiv – Chop”. This was announced by adviser to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Victor Zagreb in his interview to one of Ukrainian publications.

According to statistics, on the track “Kyiv – Chop” every year killed about 200 people. According to Zagreb, which is about one person for every three kilometers.

“We made this analogy: if you go driving to the city and listen to the music at the end of each track there is a small pause, we can say that this is a moment of silence for those who were murdered. And that’s how many songs you will hear from Kiev to Lviv, so many people died in this area over the past year”, – says Advisor to the Minister.

Earlier we reported that on the highway Kyiv-Chop – reported large-scale accident on Korostishevsky the roundabout in the Zhytomyr region. Terrible black ice on the highway caused large-scale accident is immediately faced 10 cars.

This is reported by users to Facebook: “Korostyshevskiy bypass, on the highway Kyiv-Chop, encountered about 10 cars. Cars move slowly. Attention! Everyone who rides Kiev-Chop, 103 kilometer! You need to go through Korostishev. The big accident in the area of the bend to Korostishev. More than 10 cars. Trucks and small. All skidded. A terrible sleet”.

According to patrol police in Zhytomyr region, the first signal about the accident at this track came in today in 9:50: “some time later there was another 8 accidents, one of the victims. The journey is complicated, there are problems with the road surface,” said the speaker patrol police region Igor Ivanyuk.

Страшная авария на "проклятой" трассе: первые подробности и фото

Страшная авария на "проклятой" трассе: первые подробности и фото