A terrible discovery: the dead man found in Kharkov

Страшная находка: мертвого мужчину обнаружили под Харьковом

Passers-by saw the dead man and called police. The incident occurred on August 12 in the village of Rogan, Kharkiv district. About it reported in regional management of national police.

According to militiamen, the victim 62. Established that the man in the private car strangled himself with a harness for securing Luggage.

The circumstances of the incident are being investigated.

The incident qualified under the article “premeditated murder” marked “suicide.”

May 15 Holodnogorsko the Kharkov region 52-year-old guy has hanged herself with shoelaces.

Another tragedy occurred on may 9 in the yard of one of private houses of the city of Kupyansk. There hanged 17-year-old girl. Her body was found by his father.

In late March, dergachevsky district, Kharkiv region found the body of a young man. According to people who found a terrible discovery, a man hanged himself on a railway bridge at the station “Zarichanka”. The deceased was dressed in a black sports jacket with red and white stripes, green pants, white sneakers and black hat. Moreover, he hung face to the supports of the bridge.

On the evening of 27 February, a man went out to walk the dog to the river and saw the body which was hanging in the loop on a high-voltage tower. The deceased was 17-year-old resident of Kupyansky district. Near the body police found notebooks, signed with the name of the deceased.