A terrible force: how and why changing canons of beauty?

Страшная сила: как и почему меняются каноны красоты?

At first men had a thing for curvy shapes and… saggy knee-chest. Then – anemic and broad-shouldered. Then – on the “cow heads” and aquiline noses. Then pale and “slightly pregnant”. Then it started…

Beauty as illusion

Ugly women do not exist. Because where ever this type of rosy-cheeked redhead, bbw or thin people without eyebrows and eyelashes was the ultimate dream of a strong half of mankind. However, not half. Today we tend to focus on Western tastes, imposed by Hollywood, and sometimes forget that the farther away from usual civilization, the stranger. If not worse – to a modern European, of course.

Bride of African tribe, the Tuareg, for example, doomed to go in the shelf, if at the time of marriage of their waist – and they say, even the neck are not hidden in the folds of fat. Folds must be at least 12! And the Bushmen and kaisenov in fashion huge buttocks – the more the prettier. And Kim Kardashian to Bushman standards far, the real beauty of the rear part should be such that getting up was difficult, and besides, obliged to bulge strictly at an angle of ninety degrees (in medicine, this phenomenon is even called “steatopygia” – the preferential deposition of fat on the buttocks). That’s right: in a hungry Africa a potential bride should bear children, so it should be plenty. Although on the continent fully and completely unexplained canons of beauty – the same plates inserted into the lips of the women of the Mursi tribe (the bigger the dish, the prettier the lady). However, they say, it’s not done for beauty, but on the contrary, that suitors from neighboring tribes not be increased. But its okay.