A terrible tragedy occurred after the election of the President’s speech: “trampled”

Жуткая трагедия произошла после предвыборной речи президента: «затоптали»

After the speech of the head of state was a terrible crush

The tragedy occurred in the South of Nigeria, in rivers state.

The people on the stadium was made by President Mohammad Bukhari. After finishing his speech, began a terrible stampede which trampled 14 people. People could not be saved.

As previously reported, in the Nigerian state of Zamfara police killed more than 100 people during the operation to overcome the surge of crime in the region.

The operation was conducted due to the frequent cases of kidnapping and extortion of ransom for them. “Joint operations the group recorded ambush attacks of armed bandits in Magang-forêt, in the state of Zamfara, as a result of attacks killed 104 bandit. Yes it is 104 bandit, armed bandits who terrorized and killed innocent people,” said a police Deimos Mosista.

In the beginning of the month in Zamfara arrived more than a thousand policeman to patrol. as they say themselves law enforcement officers, 85 people were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping during this period.

Overall, in Nigeria, rampant crime, many cases of robbery and all sorts of atrocities.

So recently it became known that shepherds and farmers staged a massacre in one of the Nigerian villages, killing 200 people. Also recently, in Nigeria unknown persons have attacked the village and killed over 50 of its inhabitants, and the day before, the local police reported the disappearance of 111 Schoolgirls missing following an attack by militants grouping “Boko Haram” in the public school.

Also note that the younger daughter of U.S. President Donald trump Tiffany introduced the family of her new Beau, a businessman named Michael Boulos. The young man belongs to a wealthy family. He’s Lebanese but grew up in Nigeria. Interestingly, Nigeria trump, who is often accused of racism, says “ass”.

Michael’s family runs a business conglomerate SCOA Nigeria and Boulos Enterprises. Sam knight, Tiffany said in his Instagram that his specialty is risk management and Finance projects.

But brother Michael decided to link their fate with the business. He is a rapper and performs under the pseudonym Farastafari.

Happy Donald trump such a potential son – in-law is the question. After all, last year, speaking on the sensitive issue of migrants, the us President called some African countries as well as El Salvador and Haiti, “ass”, which in America are immigrants. However, then trump said that such harsh words he did not use.

Жуткая трагедия произошла после предвыборной речи президента: «затоптали»

Жуткая трагедия произошла после предвыборной речи президента: «затоптали»