A tuple Poroshenko stuck in the pits on the roads Groisman: epic video

Кортеж Порошенко застрял в ямах на дорогах Гройсмана: эпичное видео

In Sochi the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a chance to ride along with the motorcade along the bumpy roads of the city: apparently there is renovation work in the project. If at all there is such a project

The motorcade of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko drove on the highway in the city of Chervonograd. The road, however, noticeably “tired”. We can only guess if everything was okay at the cars accompanying Poroshenko.

In Telegram-channel “Greedy Pete” has a video of the passage of VIP vehicles on the city road. It was noted that the car did not dare to exceed the speed of 30 kilometers per hour. You never know, suddenly something fall off or generally, the asphalt will go from the wheels somewhere deeper.

“After watching this video, Vladimir Groisman, the main “drogatel” of the country, crossed himself and turned off the phone. And who wants to hear in the receiver a familiar voice with a question: “What kind of BLT reform not enough?”, -sarcastically signed video Greedy Pete.

Previously terrible condition of the road to Industrial Avenue in Kharkov have shown in the social network. Relevant photos and videos published in the “Typical HTZ” on the social network Facebook user Ludmila Brazhnik.

The record shows that to call an expensive area of the metro HTZ in the direction of Kulinichi not dare. It’s just a direction. According to the author, for the repair of this road with the city authorities, people are fighting for the fifth year, there have been four petitions. But the things are there, because the city from the road disown, saying she was “not in balance”.

Now, the locals had more problems.

“This year, the carrier serving the route 37, did not want to renew the contract and the reason for that is the condition of the road. The bus simply can not drive, sinking in the pits. The new carrier did the test drive and said that while the road will not do, the ride will be. Hundreds of people were cut off from civilization in the truest sense,” says the author.

According to her, in the former military town Avenue Industrial, 1 no shop, no pharmacy, no doctor and the nearest “island civilization,” as here called metro station, HTZ, two kilometers away.

Кортеж Порошенко застрял в ямах на дорогах Гройсмана: эпичное видео

Кортеж Порошенко застрял в ямах на дорогах Гройсмана: эпичное видео