A Ukrainian has invented a toilet that aired: photos

Украинец изобрел унитаз, который проветривается: фото

He patented his invention in Ukraine

A Ukrainian has invented a new type of toilet with ventilation function. This is stated in the last update of the database of utility models (inventions) of the Ukrainian Institute of intellectual property.

“Unitaz-KOMPAKT with ventilation function” is executed in the form of a bowl with rim and flange to accommodate the toilet tank and install crisci. It has a channel for supplying water. Know-how – adaptation has the vent.

Additional ventilation channel connects the ventilation shaft with the duct. The invention, from the sphere of sanitary-tehnichnih devices. It is designed to remove air with an unpleasant odor from the bowl of the toilet and bathroom.

The inventor of a new type of toilet is Nikolay Klimovich – villager Holhocha, Ternopil region.