A veteran of the anti-terrorist operation noted in Novye Sanzhary “titushek”

Ветеран АТО заметил в Новых Санжарах ''титушек''

Veteran ATO Miroslav guy suggested that some of the protesters in New Sanzhary could pay for organizing riots.

“Here I’m looking. First, it was “titushki”. People were mishandled,” said the guy in the air ObozTV.

He recalled how in 2014, in the Donbass, local residents under the leadership of the Russians blocked Ukrainian Armed forces.

“We called it the “prisyadki”. They earn money on how to block tanks. Some said that it was possible to buy an inexpensive apartment, if few months of that “work” – said the veteran of the ATO.

“Usually “aunts” not much pay. But you saw the scale. That is, first create the backbonefrom public organizations, which someone in the political bundle, or Pro, or organizations that are willing as mercenaries with any work for the money… They create a visual picture. And they have, of course, joins the local population, “explained guy.

  • Ukraine has organized the evacuation of their citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, which was the epicentre of the epidemic coronavirus COVID-19.
  • On Board the plane took 73 people – among them both Ukrainians and foreigners. The plane landed at the airport in Kharkiv on 20 February.
  • Evacuees were sent to 14-day observation (isolation with appropriate anti-epidemic measures) in the medical center for the National guard, “Novi Sanzhary” in Poltava region.
  • However, local residents staged their compatriots “warm welcome”: blocked a road to travel, and then rioted and even pelted the bus with stones.
  • The locals themselves say they were victims of one-sided journalistic stories, the inaction of the authorities and two dozen drunk countrymen.

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