A wave of strange thefts: 900 vehicles were left without converters

Волна странных краж: 900 машин остались без нейтрализаторов

Brazen thieves in broad daylight, stealing catalytic converters, in order to extract from them the precious metals. London police aware and working!

In the video, filmed from the window of the house, you can see how two attackers, Park your car on the road, domkrat someone else’s Ford and saw cut off a Converter in which there is a small amount of precious metals. These precious metals are constantly increasing in price, which made them the object of desire of the attackers. The main precious metal in catalytic Converter is platinum, but there are a few other, no less valuable, such as palladium, rhodium, copper, Nickel, cerium, and manganese.

Police suspect that in the capital there are several gangs of criminals, because in less than a year in London occurred about 900 such thefts.

The tightening of emissions standards in cars around the world has led to higher prices for these metals, especially platinum, palladium and rhodium. The extracted metals can be resold for hundreds of pounds.

Police have issued a statement in which he says he knows about the problem and deals with it. “We concentrate resources on identifying suspects and on providing recommendations to car owners for the prevention of such crimes. We are also working with automakers to find a solution to this problem,” reports DailyMail statement to the police.

Волна странных краж: 900 машин остались без нейтрализаторов