A worthy rebuff Google: Huawei launches public beta test Huawei Mobile Services

After the US administration imposed sanctions against Huawei, the latter had no choice but to come up with an alternative to Google services. Among them, a popular Google Play.

Similar to Google Mobile Services alternative package of similar programs Huawei called Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). The company has already started its public beta testing in China, according to IThome.

Huawei is committed to independence from Google

It is worth noting the speed with which Huawei is developing HMS. The service was announced in mid-September, and in late December started public testing. And we are not talking about the usual applications, and key components of the shell.

Достойный отпор Google: Huawei запускает публичный бета-тест Huawei Mobile Services

Достойный отпор Google: Huawei запускает публичный бета-тест Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei began testing its own mobile services, which will replace Google

What is Huawei Mobile Services

This is an analogue of the corresponding Google services. Implementation and launch will be significant steps for the separation of Huawei gadgets from Google. Under the test program tested two applications: the actual HMS (it is tied to the user account, payment system and wallet, message alert, etc.) and HMS Core Test (as part of the HMS it provides access to mini-applications is responsible for the security, identification, purchase, biometrics). In General, the functionality of the HMS should be fully repeated GMS.

Launch date

The appearance of HMS in the finished devices, it is logical to expect in the next year, and the first smartphones with a full final HMS can become Huawei P40 and P40 Pro.

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