A year in prison and half a million hryvnias of compensation: the court found the doctor guilty in the death of a mother of many children

Год тюрьмы и полмиллиона гривень компенсации: суд признал виновным врача в смерти многодетной матери

The woman died in July 2017.

In the Transcarpathian region the doctor of the maternity ward of Khust district hospital was found guilty of improper performance of professional duties, resulting in the young woman died.

It is noted that the woman died in July 2017. Tyachiv district court recognized the doctor guilty, but he filed an appeal in the Lviv court of appeal, however, on 26 June, the appeals court confirmed the verdict of the court of first instance. The sentence the doctor came into force.

“The suspect, being a medical professional, improperly performing their professional duties due to careless attitude to them, taking birth from the patient, made of heavy blood loss that resulted in the death of a woman”, – stated in the message.

The doctor assigned the highest punishment under 1 year of imprisonment. In addition, the convict and the hospital should pay the victims of almost half a million UAH of compensation for material and moral damages. The physician must pay a quarter of his salary for the maintenance of three children of the dead woman.

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