Abe in Davos: the spirit of Japan’s defeat defeated

Абэ в Давосе: дух поражения Японии побежден

At the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe his special address said that defeatism in his country defeated.

“Hope is the most important factor of growth. An ageing country can still grow “the economy, driven by hope.” Can I now officially claim? The spirit of Japan’s defeat to the vanquished,” said Abe in his speech.

About the upcoming meeting of the summit of “Big twenty” in Japanese Osaka Abe announced that the country will launch into operation a new track for consideration of data management under the auspices of the WTO. This new direction will determine the way for personal data and data security under the careful protection of privacy, at the same time, promoting the free flow of medical, industrial, transport and other data.

He said that his government had managed to inspire hope in the Japanese economy, partly by encouraging women.

“As a result we now have two million employed women. The level of participation of women in the workforce has reached 67%, which is the highest rate for Japan and is higher than, say, the United States,” – said the Prime Minister of Japan.

Abe added that Japan is spearheading the initiative to accelerate and scale innovations in the field of climate and environment.

The Prime Minister also reiterated the commitment of Japan to a global system based on rules, stressing the country’s commitment to the new free trade agreements, including the recently entered into force TPP11 (Integrated and progressive agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership) and the economic partnership Agreement between the European Union and Japan.