About Avakov, the team Zelensky and return to Ukraine: the second part of the interview with Kolomoisky

Про Авакова, команду Зеленского и возвращение в Украину: вторая часть интервью с Коломойским

About the media business, simplifying procedures for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation for inhabitants of Donbas, Avakov as interior Minister, and who begged the team Zelensky and why he lives in Israel – said Igor Kolomoisky in an interview for the program “Our money”.

About simplification of procedure of issuance of passports of the Russian Federation in the Donbass

– I do not see anything unusual. What reaction do you expect from Zelensky? It is necessary to spit on the portrait of Putin? Some statements? What they will affect?

– Yesterday made a statement that it is unacceptable. But the West has expressed concern. And the UN will gather, I will say there that it is bad. Who is interested? It reminds me of the story when Bender said that the West will help us. No one will help us and it did not help. Our old President for five years spoke. And that was easier? Or the Crimea back? Or the war in the Donbass stopped?

That provides for the scandalous Putin’s decree?The application for issuance of Russian citizenship from residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine should consider no longer than three months. Persons residing in the territories ORDO can get the passport of the Russian Federation without the required examinations, or requirements to stay in Russia for a period of more than five years.

The main terms of the change of citizenship – a certificate of self-proclaimed “LNR” and “DNR”. Wishing will go to the Rostov oblast, in place of passports will only receive the Pro-Russian fighters.

On why he lives in Israel

Since 2010 I have lived in Switzerland, in 2014, I returned to Ukraine, I made it work and left. I go for Poroshenko, I was between Ukraine and Geneva, sometimes in Israel. In Ukraine, came on business. The family lived in Switzerland. Now I long to be in Ukraine had never been done before. The NBU could take me to court and would close me.

– Now (after the election Zelensky – 24 channel) there is no political subtext to just do it. I hope that the Administration of the President cannot lead the judicial branch of government and all others. Don’t want to improve the statistics Poroshenko that when there are a lot of oligarchs returned. Kolomoisky will return – will write Poroshenko. Want to return recorded Zelensky.

Why Zelensky there are no specific solutions

We are at the bottom. You live in Kiev and you don’t feel it. And Israel can see the whole picture. We have 116 billion GDP per capita $ 2,700 a year, that is $ 230-240 per person. And in Poland – 630 billion for the same population.

– What makes you think that he (Zelensky, – 24 channel) there is no plan of action? If you want specifics, then immediately the question arises – how and where are you going to implement. These questions have answers, but just need to figure out which road you choose, if Zelensky will not answer my calls after the inauguration, I won’t be calling him and consequences from it any will not.

– You see, when ordinary people Zelensky and people Zelensky, who became President of is different positions, the views, the place of the position determines the views of the person. Now it everywhere the pressure – lawyer Kolomoisky, security Kolomoisky Kolomoisky machine, that is everywhere Kolomoisky. Perhaps he should take a pause and say that there is no Kolomoisky. You understand that this is all a cover story?

About Andrew Bogdan

Igor Kolomoisky said that recently called my lawyer to Andrew Bogdan, who is also the lawyer of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky. In particular, said that he is one of the important customers of Bogdan.

– It was said that everyone is waiting for when he will have finished with these elections. Because of this, many of the issues temporarily stopped. I told him, “let’s talk. If you’re going for some kind of job, will lose his law license. Who will be instead of you then? You’ve got a lot of my cases.”

After that, the journalist asked the oligarch, he turned to Bogdan, if he has received any serious public office.

– If approached, would be asked to speed up certain processes, which are confronted with bureaucracy. He suggested the mechanism of how to Orient in the coordinate system, in which he was receiving some kind of job. Bogdan could be a good attorney, or the same as any other, could lead the Administration of the President.

About the deputies, who asked the party Zelensky

Ukraine’s President-elect Vladimir Zelensky during the election campaign promised to bring to power new faces. However, Igor Kolomoisky believes that such a position poses certain limitations.

I believe that the story of the “new faces” provides some limitations. Can you take some specialist, but then the question arises – is the new face or old. When you did the thesis “new faces” that you paint yourself into some limitations, which are then politically it will be difficult to overcome

he said.

According to Kolomoisky to him many who is calling with requests to be in the team Zelensky. For example, Anton Yatsenko called and asked: “can I be a new face, plastic surgery I’ll do it.”

“From “Rebirth” at least half of the called. From “Blok Petro Poroshenko” has not been called. Even from Fennel and nobody called. Alexander Shevchenko asked what will be the electoral system. Tymoshenko did not call, I think she’s upset,” – said Kolomoisky.

More – see in the program.

Про Авакова, команду Зеленского и возвращение в Украину: вторая часть интервью с Коломойским

Про Авакова, команду Зеленского и возвращение в Украину: вторая часть интервью с Коломойским

Про Авакова, команду Зеленского и возвращение в Украину: вторая часть интервью с Коломойским