About Suprun won’t tell: health myths that we duped the head

Об этом Супрун не расскажет: мифы о здоровье, которыми нам дурили голову

From early childhood each one of us hears a lot of warnings: do not click your fingers, do not eat at night and if you have a cold, you have to breathe over the potatoes. However, all these recommendations are not helpful.

1. Don’t eat ice cream as a cold

Many believe that it is impossible to eat ice cream at cold supposedly this will only exacerbate the illness. Some believe that dairy products can worsen the condition. If the ice cream will stand out more mucus, so breathing becomes more difficult and swallowing painful. But that’s not true – if you eat a slightly melted ice cream or other sweets, the throat might hurt less. And a little bit of cold sweetness can act as a light anesthetic.

2. Snapping your fingers is impossible – will be arthritis

True, doctor Donald Unger from the United States dealt with this issue for 50 years and received my research the Ig Nobel prize. He was snapping his fingers only on my left hand – already elderly, he proved that arthritis had not appeared. The only problem that may appear to you, is the resentment of others.

3. From an x-ray is cancer

X-ray radiation is a carcinogen, but can cause cancer only if very often to get it in large quantities. X-ray examination several times a year does you no harm.

4. Psychopaths are murderers and criminals

The truth is that among murderers and criminals do often have mentally ill people. However, the research was conducted, which proved that the love of violence usually appears on the basis of poverty, education and ignorance. And the psychotic normal people who suffer from a particular disease.

5. Eat at night – get fat

You will not gain extra weight if you eat after six. No matter what time you eat is important – how much you eat. Except those who are main meal tolerate for the evening, usually fast during the day. Try to enjoy and don’t be afraid, if then eat a sausage sandwich in the evening. Most importantly, watch out for the calories.

6. To run

Athletes not recommended to run a lot, it’s true. But if you are a normal person who several times a week, runs for a few miles, no harm it will not bring. Arthritis you may develop only in the case if you have already started.

7. Chicken soup helps with colds

Chicken broth may be slightly ease the cold and to provide slight anti-inflammatory effect. But there is no evidence that it will really recover.

8. Detox diet – useful

Your body does not need artificial cleaning, in the liver and kidneys. And as you have no serious diseases of these organs, you should not worry about what the body is “clogged”. Detox diet out of your body’s nutrients: vitamins and minerals. Reduce the consumption of fast food, sugar, try to eat more fruit and vegetables – it will bring you much more benefit.

9. You can’t sleep after a concussion

American physicians report that it is still the opposite – the need to sleep, because the injured person needs rest. If you will not sleep, you may become worse.

10. Breathe over the potatoes – the best cure for colds

If the vapor is too hot, you can burn the nasal passages. You may have a bit to relieve a runny nose, but for a short time.

11. From vaccinations is autism

There is no evidence that this is true. Autism occurs on the grounds of genetic predisposition.

12. Sunbathing is helpful

No, it’s bad. If you sunbathe too much, it can cause cancer.