About the benefits and dangers of dairy products

О пользе и вреде молочных продуктов

The debate about the benefits and dangers of dairy products is conducted by physicians worldwide for decades. Since childhood we hear that milk is just necessary to us for health. However, in recent years more and more people refuse from dairy products.

It is worth to note that we often eat dairy products are not in their natural form. That is, milk, cheese, sour cream, before you reach us, undergo heat treatment. Thus, it is pasteurized and sterilized products. According to experts, the process of pasteurization makes inactive the enzymes that help the body break down cow protein.

Thus, most of the cow’s milk is fat. The body quickly “sits” on animal fats, which is why siromani so hard to abandon favorite product, say nutritionists.

In a glass of milk contains one-tenth of the cholesterol of the daily value for a person. Cholesterol, known to contribute to plaque formation. And because the production of one kilogram of cheese takes from 6 liters of milk.

Milk is rich in calcium, and therefore useful. This argument is usually given in the evidence about the benefits of milk. However, the calcium of animal origin is poorly absorbed, and its salts are not excreted from the body over the years. This also leads to the formation of dangerous plaques in blood vessels and kidney stones. According to experts, the calcium that is well absorbed by the person is not in cow’s and human milk.

Dairy products do have useful minerals, but they are poorly absorbed. Milk contains lactose, which, once ingested, breaks down into galactose and glucose. Galactose is not eliminated from the body and is deposited in the joints, skin, eye lenses.

For those who suffer from lactose intolerance, but does not know about it after consuming dairy products you experience bloating, gas and indigestion.

In addition, the milk contains the protein casein, which forms clots in the gut that complicates digestion.