About the epidemic of dirofilariasis in Nikolaev was declared by the Director of the “center of protection of animals”

Об эпидемии дирофиляриоза в Николаеве заявил директор «Центра защиты животных»

Four months of 2019, 29 percent of dogs surveyed in the “Center of protection of animals”, was diagnosed with dirofilaria (46 of 159).

“Practically, it’s an epidemic,” said the Director of this municipal enterprise Alexander Goloborodsky.

The disease is transmitted from an infected animal to human through a mosquito bite.

The problem of mass distribution of this disease in Nikolaev was discussed at several meetings of the State extraordinary antiepizootic Commission. The members of the Commission the specialists of the State hospital of veterinary medicine, Demirtzoglou, KP NGS “Center of protection of animals”, the Nikolaev city Council and the regional administrations of Nikolaev – developed a complex of measures on prevention of distribution of dirofilariasis.

“The situation is such that the rate of examination of dogs with this disease do not allow to overcome the epidemic. But there is another way to prevent the disease of people – the extermination of mosquitoes on the territory of the city of Nikolaev”, – says Alexander Goloborodsky.

Director of the municipal enterprise proposes to carry out:

  • The surface reservoirs of biologically active drugs, which will destroy the larvae of all mosquito species in the early stages of development.
  • Aerosol processing of places of mass accumulation and dissemination of modern insects insecticidal means. This processing is carried out by special technical means, which allow to create a mist of solution of the drug. Themselves drugs used for the treatment, after drying, is completely safe for humans and animals.

The state emergency anti-epidemic Commission appealed in the Nikolaev city Council to Finance these works for preventing the massive spread of the disease dirofilariasis and reduce the number of mosquitoes in our city. These measures are to be taken to be done urgently, before the mass season departure of mosquitoes.

“If funding is available the work can be done in KP NGS “Center of protection of animals”, which has the appropriate equipment and drugs”, – said Golobutsky.