About the loss of a loved one on the front and “red lines” in Parliament: interview with Alexandra Ustinova

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

The party’s “Voice” was held in the new convocation of the Verkhovna Rada. Their list includes a lot of new people, but they emphasize that going to the Parliament a maximum of two terms. 24 channel continues to acquaint its readers with new faces in Ukrainian politics. Today, read an interview with the fifth number in the party “the Voice” Alexandra Ustinova.

– I have a master degree of political science of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Then another went to Stanford. When freshman year came to study in Kiev, my parents could not afford it. Corny, not enough money for food and I was handing out leaflets. I mean, he was a promoter, because it was necessary for the student to earn money to live in Kiev.

– The last five years after independence, I retired from business and went to work in public organization “Center of counteraction of corruption”. We were engaged in that advocate, promoted the creation of a new anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine, the opening of registers, a register of electronic declarations, which is now filled all the officials.

– The last five years I’ve been doing this. My main areas in the “Center of counteraction of corruption” was communications and anticorruption in medicine. I did an investigation on where to really steal, how to steal in medicine. It was partially my personal belief and this then helped to promote healthcare reform and changes in the country for the purchase of medicines, for example, through the same international organization.

I just, when I was working in the business, you remember, had personally faced this situation when my father fell ill with cancer. And then he died in the Vinnytsia regional hospital. I remember, as we were selling the drugs – you go to the doctor and he says you can buy at the drugstore, but you can through me without extra charge.

We bought the meds, the dad they need. He knew that they had already he will not be needed, but I then when I wonder why the doctor is much cheaper than in the pharmacy. I started making inquiries in various public service and found that these same drugs at state expense and at the expense of local budgets are procured and issued to patients free of charge.

And here is the injustice, when a person dies, and his family pumped the last even when it doesn’t. For me it was that push to fight this injustice, medical corruption.

– I really, in 2013, when my father died, worked in a large international company. However, always parallel helped many public organizations – voluntarily. I mean, I helped “Patients of Ukraine”, all-Ukrainian network of people living with HIV/AIDS and anti-corruption organizations.

– Actually, the last straw for me was the independence, because I have much to rethink. When you realize that people died for the sake of Ukraine was different. I understand that someone gave his life for it, you should do everything possible to change the country. I knew working in the business, I still a big part of his time was his work, although continued volunteers.

For me the basic question was the supply of private housing, because I lived 14 years in Kiev and changed 13 rented apartments It was extremely difficult, especially because I have always had Pets – cat, dog. I’m all from the street always picked up. And to find the accommodation in Kiev when you have animals, it is very difficult. So I decided, as soon as I get home, I will go to work completely in public organization. I in 2014, after the Maidan bought a house with my civil husband and quit. After that went to work in a public organisation on a permanent basis.

We worked at the same company. Together we have nearly 9 years. A year ago I got married before I went to Stanford. I am very grateful to this person for all the support, because I can’t imagine who else could support me in all my Hobbies. In fact, when I left the business, he really, really hoped that most will see me.

– The opposite happened, I just generally began to disappear at work and everytime I remember telling him: “Alex, now is the window of opportunity, that really now we have very much strain and we will create NABOO. Then we need to create the anticorruption Prosecutor’s office”. By the way, the whole concept of the anti-corruption court came up with in my kitchen.

– He said to me: that window at all when closed. However, actually, very grateful to him, he himself many things took. And at home helped a lot, financially, because when I went out of business in the public sector, the salary was much less. So for me, this support is very important.

– It is a person, working almost 10 years in one company. When I was at Stanford, he transferred to work abroad to be closer. Almost the whole family of it-nicknames – father, sister and Alex. He now works in the US because he was transferred later. We have not turned out the way we wanted it to be in the same city to live, because the offices are scattered.

– He now lives in Boston, Texas. Interesting that there once was a student – the school won the FLEX program, when kids from high school sent for a year to study in the United States. It was very interesting, because now we two were able to visit my family who I lived with.

He’s got a contract. He’ll be back, I expect all the same (laughs). However, he now works there. For some time he even helped me – took animals. When I went to school, I took the dog, he – cat. We have them in 2015 took a family of refugees from Lugansk. They tried them somewhere to attach.

– I have long been engaged in animal welfare activities. I know a lot of volunteers and they asked me to help find a home for animals because family had to relocate wieszala in Israel. And they stayed to live with us.

– Cat and dog from the same family. I actually had a problem – I tried to attach them, but nobody wanted to take the old cat in the family, because he was at that time almost 14 years. Labrador wanted to take, and no cat. I understood that for them it is a and so stress – move from Lugansk and Kiev in different apartments loitering. And once again to separate them would be wrong.

– When the Glory presented his political power and said that goes for parliamentary elections, I immediately wrote to him and several people from the team that as soon as you graduate, you are ready to come and volunteers. I truly believed that the only alternative, understood what most of that can professionally continue to fight for Ukraine’s future.

– I had to come back later, but I wrote to come soon. Think about it, you might also want to go to Parliament. For me it was very surprising because I never saw myself as a politician. All my life I’ve worked a lot voluntarily and always understand what changes you need to do it systematically. You know, as in Ukraine, politics is a dirty business. I wanted to do something good, but I didn’t want to be part of this dirt.

– However, when I saw the team… on the first day, went to the headquarters of “Voices”, I realized that 70% of people I know personally and we crossed them in very cool projects. These are people who I trust and that was very important. When you realize that each by itself did a lot of cool things, reformed the country and now willing to sacrifice this trust and to go into politics. For me then the choice was obvious.

I always, when I say that I have a high number in the list, I swear I learned it in a day with all Ukrainians. For me, of course, on the one hand it is a big responsibility. On the other hand, is the knowledge that I was doing something. I was pleased, but also very scary, because I understand others blame you.

– I never was assistant of the Deputy. Of course, we collaborated with some politicians, because it promoted some of the bills. For example, Egor Sobolev – chair anti-corruption Committee in the previous convocation of Parliament. Without it, there is a lot we would have done in Parliament.

– Collaborated with hopko, who was the head of the international Committee, with Mustafa Nayem. We collaborated, but I wasn’t a helper. However, there were many politicians who helped us. Let’s face it, we could come up with a concept to develop a bill, but to register it was the deputies.

– My goal was to make fully media campaign. However, the final decision was taken, of course, politicians. For me now it’s a big challenge, but, on the other hand and a great responsibility, because now most of the time need to spend to go and collect signatures of parliamentarians or to convince them.

– I will tell you honestly that for me has always been the sample hopko, because this is the man who also passed from the public sector. And 5 years worked as the head of the Committee and the things she has done, she for them was very difficult.

– It is, for example, was the only member who was not afraid to register the changes on the security Service of Ukraine, to get their powers – the function of investigating anti-corruption and economic crimes. It was a huge pressure, but she knew what to do and what is right.

For me, the biggest example is Suprun and what she did for three years… Let’s speak frankly, Suprun – this is the only health Minister who has held the post for almost three years. I said that we as the snow melts and the snowdrops go, and Ministers of health. This man lasted three years and despite the huge pressure, the fact that even through the courts tried to fire, she then did what she thought was right.

She kept the reform of the procurement of medicines through international organizations, which save a lot of money. She began health care reform. Yes, it has only just begun, we only see it on family doctors. However, this is the first person who started doing this, which went against the system, the main doctors who, as a rule, we are multimillionare… Because this health care system that now exists is the feudal system based on the doctors from the chief physician. That, in fact, gives them jobs, gives you the opportunity to earn, collect tribute.

– This system could not continue to exist because we would all be extinct. The healthcare system in the country is one of the fundamental. If we have an average life expectancy 10 years less than abroad is, of course, the lack of normal medical services. My father was a great example of this because he simply could not make a diagnosis. Put him later in life.

– So I don’t need to look somewhere abroad. For me, there are people in Ukraine, which I consider ideal. I’m not saying that these people never made mistakes, but how they fought for what they believe… how they were willing to go against the system to change the country and sacrificed in his personal life, for me it is a very large figure.

– We do not have a faction. However, as take in the “Voice” of the solution, we do not have to come Vakarchuk said that it should be so. It is very important to me. I for example, was tested for goodness of all people that were served to us on a mazhoritarka. When I said that someone can not take, because they have such a background, connections or corruption zackary, I immediately agreed.

– It was served on the nominating Committee, a collegial decision was taken. We do not have sole decision-making. I’m sure 100% that this will not happen in the faction. We have internally agreed upon. We each person is the voice.

– Actually, the red lines are there and for me it is important that they are there for most of my colleagues. Of course, this is Russia. I will never vote for something that can give more opportunities Russia or power. That is, cooperation with Pro-Russian forces, voting for anything that can put Ukraine at a disadvantage compared with the Russian Federation, is unacceptable.

– I lost someone close to me at the front. He volunteered when the war started. He was killed by the Russian military and for me it is not just words. It’s the personal things that I will never move.

– Also this anti-corruption “of sasquai”. I will never vote for “ceremony”, to preserve the inviolability of the deputies, if there is clear evidence that the person took bribes. In General, we advocate the lifting of parliamentary immunity and hope that we will support the majority party. It has everything to do with corruption of “zahkarov” and cooperation with Russia is for me a red line.

See video of apartment Alexandra Ustinova:

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой

О потере близкого человека на фронте и "красных линиях" в Раде: интервью с Александрой Устиновой