About these five drinks should be forgotten forever

Об этих пяти напитках надо забыть навсегда

First on the list is tea bags. Recently, experts have analyzed 48 types of tea bags, and loose tea most popular brands.

11 the types of tea bags was discovered E. coli, some traces of mold. Further harm are carbonated beverages. In coke 0,33 l can be from 6.5 to 8 cubes of sugar.

So sweet soda is one of the main causes of childhood obesity worldwide. If it is consumed regularly, it can cause not only obesity, but also diabetes, cardiovascular, skin, gynecological, urological and other related diseases.

But unsweetened soda is not the one choice to quench your thirst. It contained carbon dioxide gas irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach, stimulates acid production, bloating intestinal tract and disrupts his motor skills.

It is also worth to reduce the consumption of instant coffee. And although many consider it less harmful, it contains less nutrients due to prolonged industrial processing.

And forget about instant coffee on an empty stomach. Coffee on an empty stomach can lead to gastritis, stomach ulcers and other unpleasant diseases. But too much caffeine is dangerous for heart.

And completely give up coffee “3 in 1”: it contains sugar too much. Instead of milk in a bag is often added substitutes, including palm oil. And the percentage of caffeine content is that of vitality, this drink is unlikely to bring only empty calories.

Completing the list of juices from packages. Nutritionists say that juice is better only because of the carbon dioxide in them. But sugar is rife. Vitamins, if they are in the structure, clearly artificial. Therefore it is better to eat one orange than to drink a glass of “orange” juice from the package.