“Abramovich has forgiven debt in exchange for Zelensky”: Putin using the oligarch could negotiate a peace with the “rogue” Kolomoisky

«Абрамович простил долги в обмен на Зеленского»: Путин через олигарха мог договориться о мире с «проходимцем» Коломойским

The war in the Donbass might end in 2019, if became a pariah in the West Ukrainian billionaire together with his wards “servant of the people” will find the strength to find a common language with the Kremlin.

Igor Kolomoisky in Russia few people know. Noble “puppet master” and Ukraine always preferred to remain in the shadows. However, it is considered to be one of the sponsors of the Maidan and the war in the Donbass. Despite the controversial reputation of the oligarch in Kiev, many still consider him a Savior of Ukraine from the “Russian aggression” in 2014. He then took the post of Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region and generously funded the nationalist battalions. However, from the first days of the conflict Kolomoisky, unlike most post-Maidan politicians denied the existence of war with Russia, every time noting that we are talking about internal confrontation. Moreover, the oligarch did not support Russophobic sentiments in the society, himself a Russian-speaking citizen of this country. In this regard, many in the East of Ukraine are ready to support his “ward” Vladimir Zelensky.

A former KVN-crate also against the ban on the use of the Russian language in favor of ending the war and sharp criticism of the initiative of the current government. The series “a servant of the people”, where Zelensky in front of the whole country, rehearsed his ascent to the political Olympus, and actively spin on telekanalam Igor Kolomoisky last few years. And here began long before the official nomination of presidential candidate election campaign still came to fruition. The latest polls show that in the second round of elections, Ukraine will be Vladimir Zelensky and Yulia Tymoshenko, where the comedian will not leave any chance of “lady Yu”. Despite the fact that any programme of action and the team comedian is not perfect, the support of the people he, as a candidate “against all” is simply enormous compared to other competitors. In this regard, the analysts say that it is possible the creature Kolomoisky in the future will have to negotiate the world. Meanwhile, given the vision of the oligarch, it is possible that the discussion has long begun.

As you know, the last time Igor Kolomoisky, things are not very good. Current President Petro Poroshenko was chased out of Ukraine, simultaneously taking away his main “brainchild” – the largest Ukrainian Bank “Privat”. Some time Kolomoisky comfortably lived in his residence in Geneva, but soon he started to have problems with Western intelligence agencies. The oligarch became interested in the FBI and in the West the attitude to “protect against Russian aggression” has changed dramatically. Problems with the law forced the businessman to migrate to Israel. And on “homeland” last year the West sent him and Roman Abramovich. It is likely that Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs were able to get together in tel Aviv, it could find common ground on other issues.

In 2015, Vladimir Putin, speaking about the problems of Ukraine, called Kolomoisky “a crook”, which “threw” Abramovich two billion dollars. The ex-Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region later mentioned in an interview about the dispute, stating that all allegedly ended in a “settlement”. However, it is possible that some debts to Abramovich he still remained. Kolomoisky is in a pretty good position, having such a “trump card” in the sleeve, as hand-without five minutes the President of Ukraine. Most likely, the oligarch wants to play it as advantageous as possible. And, like a true businessman, in return, he probably would like the money… a lot.

Thus, it can be assumed that Abramovich has forgiven debt in exchange for Zelensky. The current neighbor of Roman Abramovich, quite possibly, have already concluded some agreements with Moscow, or is under discussion. Given that in the West the oligarchs are not very happy, he is now in the same boat with Russia. In this regard, it is possible that Putin is using Abramovich could still negotiate peace with the “rogue” Kolomoisky. Thus, Ukraine’s fate could be decided not in Moscow or Washington, but anywhere in tel Aviv.

«Абрамович простил долги в обмен на Зеленского»: Путин через олигарха мог договориться о мире с «проходимцем» Коломойским

«Абрамович простил долги в обмен на Зеленского»: Путин через олигарха мог договориться о мире с «проходимцем» Коломойским