Abramovichus rasskryl the details of the transaction for the purchase of Motor Sich

Абрамовичус расскрыл детали сделки по покупке Мотор Сич

Ukroboronprom’s Director aivaras Abromavicius told at what stage is the deal on the purchase of the Zaporozhye plant, Motor Sich, and said that such an enterprise should control the government.

He said this in an interview with EP.

Abramovichus said that the deal to buy the Zaporozhye plant got his team on the inheritance and the shares already purchased by Chinese investors.

The buyer asked about the opportunity to consolidate more than 50% of the shares of the plant. Yesterday we sent to the Antimonopoly Committee a request for extension of time by two months. I hope that during this time the Committee will decide,” said Abramovichus.

He said that now Ukroboronprom conduct an audit of the relationship of the design Bureau “Ivchenko progress and Motor Sich”, since after closing the transaction, there will come relations of the Ukrainian Bureau in fact, the Chinese plant “Motor Sich”.

We want to negotiate with the new owners of our relationship, they want to sign a new license agreement. So another two months will be such a situation. Use this time to elaborate on,” – said Abramovichus.

Abramovichus also said that the plant should control the government

“I don’t know what the decision of the AMCU, all is in the legal plane, but I believe that the company “Motor Sich”, the state must control.

I am sure that in such a sensitive subject on intellectual property on critical exports, the government must have the last word.

I believe that in the end, we must adopt the same law as in other developed countries, that the purchase by foreign investors such critical enterprises the state should have a veto,” – said the head of the defense group.

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On 21 November, the Antimonopoly Committee has postponed the decision on the consideration of the application of Chinese Skyrizon and Ukroboronprom about buying a controlling stake in the Zaporozhye plant “Motor Sich”.

Zaporozhye factory of businessman Vyacheslav Boguslayev “Motor Sich” – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engines for the aviation industry.

August 25, Director of public relations of JSC “Motor Sich” Anatoly Kid said that the Chinese Skyrizon and Xinwei Group has already filed for approval of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine the acquisition of more than 50% of shares of “Motor Sich”.

Publication “The Wall Street Journal” citing sources in the us administration reported that the US is trying to prevent the purchase of Chinese company of Ukrainian plant “Motor Sich”, since it will increase the defense of China’s position.

On 28 August, the adviser of the President of the United States John Bolton said in Kiev about the risks of selling part of the Ukrainian “Motor Sich” to the Chinese. He said that China has cheated in the US and stealing military technology.