Abroad won Poroshenko: as voted by Ukrainians

За рубежом победил Порошенко: как голосовали украинцы

The second round of the presidential election is over. According to the results by a considerable margin the winner Vladimir Zelensky. For it have voted about 73% of voters – data at the time of 99,62% of the counted ballots.

While the Central election Commission working on the final calculations of votes of Ukrainians in the second round presidential election protocols from polling stations have been completely processed, writes the Channel 112.

According to the CEC, Petro Poroshenko abroad gathered 54,73% of the vote, and Vladimir Zelensky – 43,78% of the vote. All abroad voted almost 60 thousand on 101 sites in countries such as Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Egypt, Argentina, Greece, Georgia, Congo, Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, Ireland, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, China, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, UAE, South Africa, Portugal, Belarus, Bulgaria, Armenia, Estonia, India, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Korea, Cuba, Macedonia, Moldova, Peru, Poland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Chile, Romania, Slovakia, Vietnam, UK, USA, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Switzerland, Japan.

Most polling stations were in Germany, 5 in Poland and USA – 4, Turkey, Canada and Spain – 3. In other countries, mostly in one area, some two. Voted most Ukrainians in Poland – 7880 people, Germany – 6962 persons and Italy – 5901.

Were divided in half votes for Zelensky and Poroshenko in Algeria, Kuwait and Chile.

The future President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky received the support of Ukrainians in Azerbaijan, Argentina, Georgia, Congo, Qatar, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Armenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Moldova, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Brazil, the Czech Republic. The most actively supported him in Brazil – there for Zelensky voted by 75% of voters.

At other polling stations was the leader Petro Poroshenko.

The largest Ukrainian Diaspora in Poland, Canada and the United States voted differently. For example, Ukrainians in the United States has elected Petro Poroshenko – voted 73,76% of voters. As, however, and in Canada – where he received the support of 71.2 percent voting. But the Ukrainians living in Poland, decided otherwise. The win, though not by a large margin won the future President of the country Vladimir Zelensky scored of 50.65%.