Absolute madness: the Nobel laureate criticized the idea of colonizing planets

Абсолютное безумие: нобелевский лауреат раскритиковал идею колонизации планет

Astrophysicist Michael Meyor, who received the Nobel prize in physics, believes that the plan of humanity by colonizing other planets is failing. He believes the plans “absolute madness”.

Reports phys.org, Meyor talked about exoplanets, which are the object of its study. He believes that humanity will not be able to migrate.

The scientist explained that any planet outside our Solar system are too far from Earth to reach there.

“We’re talking about hundreds of millions of days of using those tools that we have today. We must take care of our planet, it is very beautiful and still completely livable,” – emphasizes the scientist.

What is known about Michael Maiore?
He was the first scientist who discovered the planet outside the Solar system in 1995. After that, scientists have discovered more than 4000 exoplanets. This year, along with scientists James Peebles and Didier Kelo was awarded the Nobel prize in physics.

What is an exoplanet?
It is a planet positioned outside the Solar system. She drifts in space or revolves around a star like the Sun. As of 2019 was zaregistrirovan and podtverzhden 3057 4107 exoplanets in systems 667 of which more than one planet.

Such planets would be particularly interested in our scholars, because potentially they might have life, or they can be suitable for human life.

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