Abuser Chisora’s chances of Barbel to beat the British

British boxer Dillian white shared his thoughts on a possible fight of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik vs Derek Chisora. White sure that Barb will be a hard fight with Derek.

According to white, Derek a difficult opponent and he will have a chance to fight against the Ukrainian.

Do Chisora a chance in this battle. Derek took a lot of benefit from their previous defeats. The mustache probably thinks Chisora is easy to outsmart, but it is very difficult to fight
– white quoted by Sky Sports.

White believes that the Mustache there is a strong shock, which could be decisive in the confrontation with Cooroy.

It is obvious that the Tendril is a strong fighter, moves well and all, but he’s not a big puncher. I have the same strong, but it was hard for me to keep Chisora until that moment, until I finish the fight early,
– summarized Dillian.

White won Chisora. In the first fight of Gillian won a split decision, and in December 2018 knocked Derek in the 11th round.

Video of the knockout in a fight the white Chisora

What is known about the battle of the Tendril – Chisora?

Head of Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn said that the fight Alexander Usik and Derek Chisora can take place in the UK.

According to the ironic twist of the Mustache, the fight will take Manchester. Khirnyi also called the probable date of the match – 8 Feb.

Talks about the fight earlier confirmed promoter Briton David Haye.

The promoter of the Mustache Alexander Krasyuk said that Chisora agreed to a duel with a barb, but the contract has not been signed yet.

What is known about Chisora?

The Briton fought Vitali Klitschko. Chisora lost a unanimous decision.

Views duel he gave Vitali a hard slap. Also before the fight Chisora spat water in the face of Wladimir Klitschko.

After the fight with Klitschko Derek started a fight with boxer David Haye (the promoter). Both were for a fixed period is suspended.

At the moment the Briton has spent 41 fights (32 wins, 9 losses). 26 Oct Chisora at the end of 4 rounds won price.