Accident near Kharkov. People lost their roof over the head

Происшествие под Харьковом. Люди лишились крыши над головой

In a two-storey residential building collapsed roof on the area of about 100 square meters. The reason – the accumulation therein of excessive quantities of snow.

As stated in the operational summary HOGAN, the incident occurred on 29 January at approximately 15:00 on the street of Science, 29, in the village of Kommunar, Kharkiv district. The house is designed for 16 families.

“Walls and ceilings as a result of collapse were not injured,” – said in the state administration.

In addition, the inhabitants of one of houses of barrack-type type in vasyshcheve village, which had collapsed on January 27, are still waiting for financial assistance from the local settlement Council. However, the amount of aid and the number of people who are at the moment not known, since not all tenants submit an application.

But do the affected residents hope that the authorities will be able to give a decent amount of money on the restoration of the house. Assume that the structure and not subject to repair.

“Popped everything: ceiling, walls…. I could not believe that now overwhelm the roof. How he could hold himself in his hands, so as not to scare the kids panic and kipish. In my head I can’t believe this is really happening. A neighbor from the other side of the house – heard a crash and the daughter and child had to leave home and move a few meters as with a huge Bang collapsed roof and walls. She fell into the snow and shut down a child when they’ve been covered with a cloud of soot, recalls about the incident one of the residents of the house. – It is unlikely the building can be repaired. Barack is not old (1970-ies), but was built probably not very friendly people. The Foundation is almost there. Instead of the solution – sand… So to fix it securely – it is necessary to impose in a circle, the Foundation and wall, then the roof to do. And a lot of money. Power as repairs are unlikely to allocate”.

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The incident in vasyshcheve! the Kharkiv region. The house fell. 10 people were left homeless. Families with children. From the state of course is nothing to wait for. Help all concerned! People! Who gives a shit about – 0960145732 Muradian Marina. details: 4149499112105729Пашнева Lyudmila Mihajlovna. B/ C materials. Manpower. All will be happy and will publish progress.

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According to the Kharkiv district state administration, tenants to relocate will not be. The scale of the incident are not such global. For roof repair plan to allocate money from the regional and rural budgets.

According to the materials: