Account for the delivery of electricity, while the population exposed will not

Счета за доставку электроэнергии, пока, населению выставляться не будут

Electricity supplier and energy efficiency solutions YASNO gave the answer to the question, which has suddenly become relevant to the residents of Dnipropetrovsk region: “Will the residents get two separate bills for electricity supply and distribution electricity grid?”.

In particular, reported:

“To date, relevant decisions of the regulator, the national Commission did not accept. Bills for consumed electricity for residents of Dnipropetrovsk forms supplier YASNO. Customers comes in, a payment system for the light with the single amount to be paid. It already includes the tariff for distribution of electric networks. If the state regulator will set the rules on pay stubs, YASNO will to implement them and notify the clients.

More than 380 thousand residents of Dnipropetrovsk region refused from paper payslips and prefer payment via Personal account, the mobile app Dnipro YASNO, Internet banking or other payment systems.