Accounts of the Ukrainians began to arrest: important message PrivatBank

Счета украинцев начали арестовывать: важное сообщение ПриватБанка

Account arrested, and the credit limit reduced to 0

The indignant customer complained on the website of the Ministry of Finance about the fact that Privat had confused him with another person-odnofamilitsa and demanded an explanation and resolve the issue.

In particular, the man wrote that the Bank sent him a letter, which States that “the institution is forced to suspend operations on accounts according to the resolution on imposition of arrest”.

The client described their vision of the problem: “On what basis I was arrested account? And reduced the credit limit from 19000 to 0 UAH.? I checked on the website of the Ministry of Justice, I have no fines, debts, etc. But my namesake, but with a different middle name is! Understand this situation! Now all purchases via the Internet, and I because of someone’s error can’t use your phone!”

The Bank responded that the decision about removal of arrest can only take gosispolniteli:

“In order for You do not a false impression of the Bank and the situation, let me say that this kind of procedure is performed when a Bank orders from the State Executive service. For removal of arrest You have to appeal to the State Executive service. Removal of arrest is available only after the Bank received a letter from the State Executive service”.