ACER is preparing to please gamers new monitor

ACER готовится порадовать геймеров новым монитором

Development of specialized computer technicians are always a special way to defend in the General segment developments – which is why some companies chose to go their own way and develop separate category of such equipment. As, for example, Acer invited potential fans to play very good in performance and design that really gets into the concept of “gaming device”. Model Acer Predator X27 4K is in fact top gaming solution for all game lovers and also for those who are professionally engaged in graphics and image processing, or video.

Model X27 4K, as the name suggests, is a gaming monitor with a native resolution of 4K – 3840&215;2160 pixels is the ideal solution for this matrix, characterized by a relatively low level of response in 4 MS. Supporting a refresh rate of 144 Hz and 10 HDR technology, while having built-in technology Freesync and Gsync, the monitor is almost the only model of its kind that combines a rich set of features and technologies.

Acer notes that the start of sales is scheduled for 1 June, so now users can already pre-order, and thus to stand in a queue – which, oddly enough, only continues to grow. Even despite the rather high price tag of $ 2,000, this monitor for many gaming enthusiasts really seems a tasty morsel in all its characteristics.

In addition, the model boasts excellent viewing angles of 178 degrees and a brightness up to 300 CD/see the monitor also has one very important detail, namely that it covers more than 99% of the spectrum of RGB colors. And the monitor is made in this design to provide the user with maximum level of comfort during use – including the special frame of the awning, running along with the monitor to provide additional comfort of use even in conditions of extreme light conditions.

ACER готовится порадовать геймеров новым монитором

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