Action-elections in Korosten: who won and why was the helicopter

Остросюжетные выборы в Коростене: кто победил и зачем был вертолет

On the district No. 64 in Korosten, Zhytomyr region that defeated the independent candidate Vladimir Oreshenkov. And the scandalous people’s Deputy Sergei Pashinsky was allegedly going to rig the elections in their favor. But after the resonance of the votes counted without impairment. Then the County came the journalists, and Netpolice brought even a helicopter commandos.

A military helicopter at the stadium “locomotive” and the team of operatives of the national police around the building of an okruzhkom.

Thus began the counting of votes in Korosten, Zhytomyr region – the center of the majority district No. 64. Effectively to send a squad of special forces decided in the Ministry of internal Affairs. What this need is explained formally.

It was the additional forces that are involved in the protection of public order,

– the press-Secretary of police of Zhytomyr Alla Vashchenko.

Already in the evening, the helicopter returned to Kiev, but several local police remained. Because such actions work Dec did not stop. Administrators have not slept for two days, but until recently introduced data into the database of the CEC under the supervision of journalists.

Wrong protocols on the district four pieces. They were taken back to the areas to be refined. However, these villages are two kilometers from Korosten. A large district is the second largest in Ukraine. But violations, argued that it was not.

It is not clear why this occurred this resonance. Probably due to the fact that the candidates are very tight. There is a gap of some 500 to 1000 votes

– said the administrator of the district election Commission No. 64 Vyacheslav Vasilyuk.

It is likely that this resonance in the media and helped to avoid fraud. They were allegedly going to organize the candidate for people’s Deputy Sergei Pashinsky, who is a former MP from the “popular front”, headed by the defence Committee. Wanted to take advantage of relationships with Arsen Avakov – the head of the enforcement Department.

This was agony for virtually the MP, who is seriously invested in this district. He had all of his billboards were in this County. In fact, he also engaged in bribery of voters, – said the analyst Aleksey Minakov.

Pashinsky local residents in the neighborhood almost do not know. But I heard he was in town was built. “I saw that they cleaned the river, but in Facebook”, – said a resident of Korosten Julia. “Yes, he did, beaches, children’s playgrounds, but it is only in the last month. And where he was before”, – said the resident of Korosten Sergei.

Besides him, the top three candidates, the favorite of the elections Mr Oreshenkov – the people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation. He claimed that the area had been a technical candidate – Hareskov, who had taken as much as 7% of the vote. Says such technologies prove that the majority system in Ukraine is not effective, and the results of the election admits of any.

Someone who, say, these days are very nervous and took illegal means can be held accountable,

– said the candidate, district No. 64 Mr Oreshenkov.

Another candidate – the teacher of history Vyacheslav Sigachyov from the party “servant of the people”. Unknown wrote on his page on the social network Facebook, he allegedly removed from the election before the vote.

Subsequently, the candidate said that the in the hallway members of the plots allegedly copied protocols. Sigachyov and found in the protocols, and they were sent for clarification.

“A copy of which is in the fee and which was introduced into the system “Elections” figures, I have zero votes. And in that instance that I got eight votes. I will not on this occasion to make statements. Now we are analyzing and completing a parallel count,” – said the candidate of constituency No. 64 Vyacheslav Sigachyov.

For every vote the candidates are fighting because go with a difference of six hundred supporters. In the district election Commission claimed that it’s rare and the record for the County.

First, the results gave the championship sigacheva, and the final data showed the victory Oreshenkov. In Korosten are waiting for fixed protocols and will carry the documents to the CEC in the capital.

What is known about AchinskomIn Zhytomyr running scandalous people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky. The journalists of the newspaper “Novoye Vremya” claimed Sergey Pashinsky has organized an illegal scheme for the purchase of military equipment. Decommissioned Czech infantry fighting vehicles bought for scrap and after repair at the Zhytomyr armored plant handed them over to the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Остросюжетные выборы в Коростене: кто победил и зачем был вертолет

Остросюжетные выборы в Коростене: кто победил и зачем был вертолет

Остросюжетные выборы в Коростене: кто победил и зачем был вертолет

Остросюжетные выборы в Коростене: кто победил и зачем был вертолет

Остросюжетные выборы в Коростене: кто победил и зачем был вертолет