Activation keys exclusives Epic Games Store will not be sold to third-party sites

Ключи активации эксклюзивов Epic Games Store не будут продаваться на сторонних сайтах

The founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) in a series of tweets and posts on Reddit told about the distribution of keys for Epic Games Store. The keys on the multi-play games for site Epic, you can, as usual, buy on other sites, but exclusive products there to buy will not work.

A little background. A week ago, some foreign sites that sell keys for digital distribution services, announced that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will soon disappear from their sites. According to them, action can be bought directly from Epic Games and Ubisoft Store Store. The gaming community was outraged, believing that Epic Games will not allow you to distribute their games through third party sites.

Disgruntled users began to knock on “Twitter” Sweeney. He replied that his company “strongly supports the sale of key non-exclusive games” through other stores. Sweeney said that Ubisoft have agreed on joint exclusivity The Division 2 for Uplay and shop Epic. The company wanted to create a unique lineup of games that gamers had another reason to visit the Epic Games Store.

In addition, the head of the Epic is well aware that war in the digital market are not encouraging for consumers. He believes the ultimate goal should be “100 % open ecosystem of digital Commerce, providing developers with even a better deal than 88 %”. But until then, you need good competition.

In addition, Sweeney said that the competition between the shops on the PC is now more rigid than ever before:

“Steam offers games from Valve, Origin offers games, offers games Activision and Bungie, Epic Games offers games of many publishers. I understand that you guys don’t like exclusive games for the shops. But this is a completely separate issue compared to the limitation of platforms like Windows to monopolize the distribution market – so do with iOS. Microsoft tried to do the same with the UWP and closed versions of Windows. These attempts have failed, and their supporters gave way to such great leaders like Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer, who are promoting Windows as an open platform!”